Advanced PEMF device for truly effective PEMF therapy

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the My FlexPulse PEMF Website can be found at this link: The FlexPulse device contains a unique regenerative signal while also layering different frequency bands and programs together to create a truly versatile therapeutic PEMF device. Light-weight and flexible, the FlexPulse’s two PEMF pads can be applied to any part of the body to enhance cellular regeneration and find support and recovery from a variety of physiological and neurological issues.

FlexPulse PEMF therapy device

FlexPulse PEMF device is the world's most powerful wearable PEMF device. With 200 Gauss peak amplitude, this PEMF device packs in enough power for effective, long-term PEMF treatment. It's ultra-light controller and PEMF pads are easy to carry, wear and use. With 6 programs that go from 3 Hz to 1000 Hz, it's a complete PEMF therapy system for personal use at anytime and anywhere. Recover faster, think clearer, feel better! Delivered worldwide with 30 days satisfaction guarantee.


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