The BioBalance PEMF System

Find your Balance

BioBalance is a pulsed magnetic field device that produces strong natural frequencies that resonate with those of the body’s own cells. The magnetic field coming from 21 copper coils inside the large mat applicator penetrates your whole body, reinforcing functional cycles in a natural way. It restores cell functioning and allows the body to recover its self-healing capabilities, thus protecting your health and improving your wellness and performance.


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Safe and effective, only 15-30 minutes, twice a day. Treatment is quick and easy to use. No need to remove clothing or jewelry.

Health Benefits

Overall Health and Wellness

More people these days are attracted to a lifestyle of wellness and prevention to combat disease. Wellness consumers voluntarily choose to become wellness patrons given the drive to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, minimize conditions associated with aging, and avoid preventable illness. This shift has created the demand for a variety of wellness related products referred to as bio-energetic technologies.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), which are artificially produced to stimulate natural healing and balancing actions of the body, have various proven disease-prevention actions.  If you understand the concept behind pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs), you can understand how you can help yourself and your family for a lifetime.

One of the main actions of BioBalance’s PEMFs, is that they activate the autonomic nervous system (ANS). What is the ANS? It is the part of our brain and nervous system that is responsible for controlling many varied functions of the body and therefore our health. It controls our breathing, heart rate, sweating, digestion and all vital functions. If this system is impaired or not functioning properly, there will be major dysfunction in the body and can increase the risk of disease and speed aging. PEMFs activate and balance the ANS, which then supports these vital functions and brings relaxation to the body.


Research has shown the following benefits:

  • Improved circulation
  •  of pain
  • Muscle relaxation and performance
  • Reduction of swelling
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved oxygenation in the tissues
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced cellular repair and recovery
  • Immune balancing
  • Joint cartilage repair


Additionally, PEMFs clear the body’s energy circuits, the acupuncture and chakra system, as shown by meridian stress assessment testing. Reducing the stress responses in the body will allow individuals to be proactive in slowing the aging process. Who knows what future health problems you could prevent for you and your family by minimizing your stress and maximizing your rest and recovery?

Daily use of the Biobalance also augments the results of exercise, yoga & meditation, the body better receives and uses nutrients, detoxification is increased, and water absorption improved. Ongoing self-care is maximized with PEMFs through supporting:

  • A healthy heart, with reduction in heart-damaging inflammation
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Stabilization of blood sugar levels
  • Healthy joints, with a decrease in pain and symptoms associated with arthritis
  • Fighting the damaging effects of aging
  • Healthy brain and nervous system function and development
  • Protection for cell membranes
  • Improvement in cholesterol and other blood lipid levels
  • Healthy liver function
  • Relief of PMS symptoms and painful menstrual periods
  • Bolstering the immune system
  • Healthy mood regulation
  • Optimal skin health

Increased Energy

From a physics perspective, the energy foundations of Life, and that sustains us, is based on Electro-Magnetism.

In spite of the fact that contemporary families in developed industrial countries live in abundance, we suffer from chronic energy deficiency. From a physics perspective, the energy foundations of life, and that sustains us, is based on Second Force of Nature – Electro-Magnetism. The currents, voltages, and magnetic fields, which man produces in the form of nerve and muscle potentials, are of vital importance. Lack of exercise, incorrect nutrition, and the effect of stress and the environment damages man’s organism. He loses his “energy balance”. The cells can no longer fulfill their tasks. As a result, a negative, downward spiral has begun, manifesting itself in decreased performance, early aging, degeneration and chronic diseases. Therefore, healthy choices are the key to maintaining vital life-long energy.

Daily use of the Biobalance, alongside other healthy choices, regulates energy and thus optimal cell function. If an imbalance or lack of subtle energy occurs, the cell does not function optimally and therefore cannot contribute to vibrant health or when recovery is warranted. Electromagnetic pulses can also jump-start the repair of a wide spectrum of tissues and the remission of diseases.

The subtle energy produced by the Biobalance imitates a range of natural neuro-electrical frequencies that the body produces or absorbs to facilitate optimal cell function. Eastern traditions describe this energy as Life Force, Prana or Chi. This Life Force comes from three sources. It comes from the vital energy reserve we inherit from our parents, we absorb it through the foods we eat and we receive it directly from the environment. According to theories of traditional Chinese medicine, illness or sub-optimal performance is mainly a result of an imbalance in the flow of Chi energy to the organs of the body.


Improved Sleep

Many people lack sleep due to the stress of daily life.  Many others lack sleep due to specific health conditions such as insomnia, pain or many other diseases. Regularly catching only a few hours of sleep can hinder metabolism and hormone production in a way that is similar to the effects of aging and the early stages of diabetes. Chronic sleep loss may speed the onset or increase the severity of age-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and memory loss.

The Biobalance’s pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs) help balance your body’s bio-energy system and resolve some of the emotional stresses that are contributing to the insomnia at a very deep level. The RELAX program, preferably used 15-30 minutes at night just before sleep, sends  the right sleep frequencies to the brain drawing the brain to its deepest state. The response is typically immediate, especially in children. With long standing sleep issues, the improvement can take longer, even up to 2-3 weeks. One of the most common feelings people describe when using the Biobalance is relaxation or drowsiness.

Since a large percent of the causes of sleep problems are not directly sleep control related, treatment of the rest of the body is needed. To this end, use of magnetic therapies for most other health conditions will also tend to help with sleep as a side benefit. This is from the major actions of magnetic therapies in relaxing muscles, improving circulation and decreasing stress.



We live in an increasingly toxic environment. Most of the food that is provided to us, unless organic, has been grown with pesticides, injected with hormones, or includes chemicals. With the increase in pollution all around us, the water that we drink and the air we breathe has become more toxic. Chemicals found in detergents, shampoos, deodorants, etc, have been found to be harmful. It has been more evident that man-made electric fields, called electro-pollution, which we are exposed to from power lines, cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, WiFi, electrical appliances, etc. are harmful. Research has shown that the accumulation of harmful toxins that we are being subjected to have been affecting the biochemical processes within the body. Toxins in the body cause us to feel exhausted, to age, and become ill. Cell regeneration is the key to removal of waste, toxins, and free radicals in the body.

How is this done? Alongside general detoxifying agents or specific detoxification programs, the Biobalance assists the body’s ability to release toxins from within by enhancing cell membranes and allowing the cells in the body to continually regenerate. It is evident in research that pulsed-electromagnetic fields cause the membrane of the cell to open which further supports the cell’s removal of toxins.


Healthy Aging

Daily Biobalance treatment is a proactive approach for long-term health support. Lying on the mat using the BALANCE or RECOVERY Program for 15-30 minutes in the morning sends the anti-aging actions of pulsed electromagnetic fields throughout the entire body, making the person more alert. Then, using the RELAX Program right before bed ensures the sleep we all need for optimal health.

Statistics indicate people are living longer. There is a concern among people about the quality of life they can expect with living longer. Their health concerns go beyond heart disease and cancer. They are interested in taking care of themselves, looking and feeling youthful, and having an active lifestyle. They especially want to enjoy and care for their children and grandchildren.

Savvy individuals know that solutions that are legitimate develop more of a following and scientific legitimacy. Knowing their bodies are electrochemical in nature, they are investigating pulsed electromagnetic research, PEMF.  PEMF technology is backed by decades of research on a wide range of conditions. The frequencies used in the Biobalance are biologically identical to frequencies in the human body. Shortage or breaks in the body’s electrical system cause problems with cell communication and cell metabolism. With pulsed electromagnetic fields, the breaks are repaired and restored and with daily use, maintained. Pulsed magnetic fields actually promote the body’s production of its own energy source, ATP, which activates the cellular antioxidant defenses across the whole body, optimizes functioning and repair and numerous other benefits.

  • PEMFs (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) help to restore neuron-transmitters, cellular communication and brain function.
  • PEMFs increase blood oxygen levels 80 to 90%, thus creating an alkaline state in the body.
  • PEMFs dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow.
  • PEMFs experience in Europe has shown that daily use over 4 to 6 weeks can begin to balance blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol level.
  • PEMFs benefit arthritis due to the ability to decrease pain and inflammation in the joints. The Arthritis Foundation’s Guide to Alternative Therapies reports two studies showing the benefits of PEMFs with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. One was done at Yale University, a double blind, placebo-controlled pilot study involving 18 people with OA of the knee. It showed that those who got 18 half-hour treatments had an average improvement of 23 to 61 percent in pain, joint tenderness and discomfort. The placebo group getting fake treatments had only two to 18 percent improvement A later Yale study with 167 patients with OA of the knee or cervical spine showed similar, significant improvements. Another double blind, placebo-controlled study was also done at Johns Hopkins University where 78 patients with OA of the knee had four weeks of treatments or a placebo. The treated group had significantly better results in terms of pain, function and physician assessment than the placebo group.
  • PEMFs give cells energy so as to boost immune system function. PEMFs combined with whole food supplementation, maintains a healthy metabolism and also helps promote the general feeling of wellness by avoiding the chronic illnesses related to insulin resistance, such as diabetes, heart disease and even depression. PEMFs are well documented to increase cellular uptake of macro and micro nutrients due to a gating of the cell membrane.

BioBalance PEMF Programs

  1. BALANCE PROGRAM  carrier frequencies 300, 600, 800, 1000 Hz

Theta band frequency (7.8 Hz) – the so called Schumann resonance. This is the planetary frequency by which the brain is most consistently stimulated.

Theta band is a great frequency for meditation, relaxation, light sleep, for healers, pre-performance jitters, and just generally mildly quieting down the brain.

If one doesn’t know what program to choose, this is our number two choice after the Recovery program.

  1. ALERT PROGRAM  carrier frequencies 300, 600, 800, 1000 Hz

Beta band frequencies (13-23 Hz). Frequencies are spread out evenly over the course of the chosen treatment time.

Beta band is the frequency of the brain in an alert state. In this state we are wide-awake, learning, thinking, judging, memorizing, reacting quickly, integrating our thoughts, and many other functions.

The Alert Program is like a cup of coffee without the caffeine – it makes you alert but not over-revved or over-stimulated

  1. RELAX PROGRAM – carrier frequencies 300, 600, 800, 1000 Hz

Alpha/Theta (13 – 4 Hz) – descending from alpha (13-8 Hz) through theta (4-8 Hz) bands. Frequencies are spread out evenly over the course of the chosen treatment time

Useful program for basic relaxation (“wind me down” program) and stress reduction.

Alpha band is the resting state of the brain and a good program for those who are hyper, anxious, restless, or with ADD/ADHD. Theta is for deep relaxation and the lighter stages of sleep, including REM sleep. It can help with falling asleep and can be used before using the SLEEP PROGRAM to more effectively slow brain activity before going to sleep. This can be an especially useful program for people with chronic pain. This program can help with theta learning and creativity and enhance meditation.


4 – 0.5 Hz Descending Delta frequencies. These are the slowest but loudest brainwaves (low frequency and deeply penetrating, like a drum beat). They are generated in deepest sleep.

Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why this deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process.

The sleep program may be used for part of the night or through the whole night. It can be combined with both the whole body pad and the small pad. The small pad may be placed under the pillow. The best results may be seen with the maximum intensity, used for the whole night. The sleep program may also be used more effectively for deep relaxation when there is too much brain arousal.


10 Hz is in the alpha brainwave frequency band (8-13 Hz). People in alpha are relaxed, meditative, mindful.

10 Hz stimulation has been studied by NASA  on stem cells and discovered about a 400% increase in neural stem cells and a large increase in various tissue repair growth factors. So 10 Hz is a useful signal for tissue and cell regeneration in general and especially for brain and nerve tissues.

Other research found that 10 Hz stabilizes circadian rhythms,so this will help with restoring jetlag, other sleep disturbances and recovery from major stress or illness.

  1. SWEEP PROGRAM 1 – 1000 Hz in 0.5 Hz increments

The Sweep Program is designed to give the body multiple frequency choices. We don’t always know which frequencies the body needs at any given time. The body will listen to whichever frequencies it needs – some frequencies are ignored and some are listened to.

Each time a sweep program is run, different frequencies are likely to be “heard”, activating the cells that “hear” them. This way many cells can be activated with each sweep – this is like a having a banquet vs a single food.

This is a good broad-spectrum physiologic tuning program. It is added to provide a broad spectrum of Rife-like frequencies. It may be ideal to do at least one daily treatment with the sweep program.

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