What is PEMF Therapy exactly?

What is PEMF Therapy exactly?

What is PEMF therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a modern magnetic therapy application. What physically happens is an electrical current running through a copper coil creates a pulsing magnetic field. These are known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs). Research about PEMF therapy has been ongoing since the 1940s. Scientists have published thousands of studies, clinical trials and research articles on the topic. There are many benefits to this novel wellness technology, as you’ll discover in this section about the benefits of PEMF therapy. PEMFs generated using PEMF devices such as the BioBalance PEMF, stimulate natural healing and balancing functions of the cells in the body. PEMF therapy has various proven disease-preventing actions.  If you understand the concept behind PEMFs, you can understand how you can help yourself and your family for a lifetime.



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What are the Health Benefits of PEMF therapy?

One of the key beneficial effects of PEMF therapy is that it stimulates the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). ANS is the part of our brain and nervous system that is responsible for controlling many varied functions of the body and therefore our health. It controls our breathing, heart rate, sweating, digestion and all vital functions. If this system is impaired or not functioning properly, there will be major dysfunction in the body and can increase the risk of disease and speed the aging process. PEMFs activate and balance the ANS1, which then supports these vital functions resulting in faster recovery for the whole body, naturally.

We designed BioBalance PEMF therapy device for medium-intensity regular use. Whether you are a sports person, wellness/fitness professional, chiropractor or simply 60 years old and wanting to feel and perform younger, BioBalance PEMF is for you. Daily use of the Biobalance PEMF therapy system enhances natural recovery, augments the results of exercise, yoga & meditation and improves the body’s ability to use nutrients. Overall health and wellness is maximized.

To help you understand PEMF therapy in a way that you’re able to apply it for a variety of health and wellness benefits and understand PEMF therapy purely based on research and real-life experimentation, we present the below articles that review the research and user feedback on PEMF.

At BioBalance PEMF, we want you to have the best PEMF therapy experience and be able to utilize it to the fullest potential. PEMF research is presented for your education only, we do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition by using our PEMF therapy products. Please reach out to a PEMF physician if you need medical advice.

 Grote V, Lackner H, Kelz C, et al. Short-term effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields after physical exercise are dependent on autonomic tone before exposure. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2007;101(4):495-502. [PubMed]

Research has shown the following benefits of PEMF therapy:

✔️ Improved circulation

✔️ Reduction of pain

✔️ Muscle relaxation and performance

✔️ Reduction of swelling

✔️ Decreased inflammation

✔️ Improved oxygenation in the tissues

✔️ Improved sleep

✔️ Enhanced cellular repair and recovery

✔️ Immune balancing

✔️ Joint cartilage repair

Additionally, PEMFs clear the body’s energy circuits, the acupuncture and chakra system, as shown by meridian stress assessment testing. Reducing the stress responses in the body will allow individuals to be proactive in slowing the aging process.

 Electromagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF Therapy is one of the most exciting and useful discoveries in the history of complementary and alternative health-care. PEMF is a form of energy therapy that uses devices that emit pulsating electromagnetic fields, these electromagnetic vibrations are tuned at specific frequencies.

PEMF Therapy is more than 60 years old with thousands of peer-reviewed study’s proving both its safety and effectiveness. Because it’s not a drug and not easily profited from, it has been swept under the rug and remains largely unknown, even to the most well known medical professionals.

Regardless of their ignorance, if used with a bit of practical knowledge PEMF Therapy can produce miraculous short and long term benefits both physiologically and neurologically for it’s user. Owning your own PEMF System means you can turn it On or OFF at will, it won’t accept money and won’t complain about working all night long.

What makes PEMF devices different from Electrotherapy products is that they focus on specific frequencies that help to fine-tune cells’ mitochondria. Improved mitochondrial efficiency results in enhanced cell energy, lower oxidative stress, more effective detoxification resulting in faster recovery time and more- complete healing. The results are a rapid and lasting enhancement in the health and daytime performance of the user.

There are dozens of PEMF manufacturers; however, none of the copycats manufacture PEMF devices that have the correct frequency range due to the best mechanisms already being patented decades ago. They also lack long enough application time essential for tuning-up mitochondrial efficiency throughout the entire body.

While the benefits of PEMF Therapy are many, the best PEMF systems can provide these unique benefits to its owner during regular use.

  • Better Sleep: PEMF Therapy for better deeper recuperative sleep
  • Enhanced Flexibility: useful for Lumbar issues, Arthritis and where muscle spasms occur frequently and are long lasting as in Parkinson’s
  • Enhanced Motor Coordination: Helpful for those with Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and those of age where motor coordination begins to decline; in professional and amateur sports of all kind to give you an edge
  • Improved Strength and Stamina: useful for everyone, not just sports professionals and fitness experts, whether climbing mountains or just walking up flights of stairs
  • Faster Trauma Recovery: we get you back on your feet and back to work faster than any other tool in the world
  • Mood Elevation: whether it’s simple depression or caused by suffering PTSD or most other neurological disorders

To learn more about the benefits of PEMF and study them in detail visit this excellent resource on PEMF therapy benefits. You’ll find several of peer-reviewed research articles to help you make sensible, realistic deductions that any PEMF therapy enthusiast who wants to use PEMF to enhance the lives of themselves and loved ones.

Remember that motto “God helps those who help themselves.” Over the last 14 years, PEMF therapy has grown exponentially and has become very popular and affordable for the average individual seeking low cost long range health insurance for the whole family. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Especially in the alternative health field where non-medicated cures are sought after and body detox and destressing the system from toxins ound in ourwater, air, food and environment is the key to preventing and curing most dis-ease. Pemf Therapy accentuates this lifestyle and not only promotes health and longevity, no matter at what age you begin using the technology but costs pennies a day when you purchase your own PEMF Home System and have it used by the whole family , yes and maybe even the neighbors will want to pay you for their sessions if they can’t afford a System.No one should have to do without the miracle working power of PEMF Therapy!

Nerve Regeneration using PEMF therapy

Nerve regeneration or Neuroregeneration is one of the key reasons to use Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. Let’s learn what nerve regeneration is and how PEMF therapy for nerve regeneration works.

PEMF therapy can be applied to our nervous system using PEMF devices such as the BioBalance. The nervous system consists of: the central nervous system (CNS), which includes the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system (PNS), which includes cranial and spinal nerves along with their associated ganglia.

According to American Association of Neurological Surgeons, more than 100,000 new cases of Nervous System Disorders such as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), SCI (Spinal Cord Injury), and PNI (Peripheral Nervous Injury) are reported each year.

Neuroregeneration or nerve repair refers to the regrowth or repair of nervous tissues, cells or cell products. Neuroregeneration differs between the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and the central nervous system (CNS) by the functional mechanisms and especially the extent and nerve regeneration speed.

Can nerves regenerate and how do nerves regenerate? Peripheral nerves are easily damaged, resulting in loss of motor and sensory function. Recovery of motor and sensory function after peripheral nerve injury is suboptimal, even after appropriate surgical repair. While the peripheral nervous system has an intrinsic ability for repair and regeneration, the central nervous system is, for the most part, incapable of self-repair and regeneration1.

This answer is what modern textbooks have to offer and does not reflect on the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for nerve regeneration. It has now been proven that PEMF therapy can in fact bring back the CNS to life2.

PEMF Therapy for Nerve Regeneration

Professionals and institutions that work with neurodegeneration such as chiropractors, neurologists, physical therapists, orthopedists, regenerative medicine practitioners and indeed wellness, senior care and rehabilitation centers will find PEMF therapy to be one of the best solutions3 to deploy for their client’s needs.

Individuals suffering from a host of neurological issues such as spine / back pain4, sciatica, cervical5, herniated or ruptured disc6

, multiple sclerosis7, or even stroke8, arthritis, parkinson’s disease910 and alzheimer’s disease11 can benefit tremendously with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Back in 2002, NASA’s PEMF scientist, Thomas J. Goodwin reported that 10 Hz PEMF therapy application to neural tissues resulted in 400% improvement in regeneration. We now know that astronauts do not go to space without PEMF and a pulsed magnetic field is essential for functioning of our body’s bioelectric system.

PEMF therapy use exhibits nerve regeneration symptoms such as slight increase in pain and then quicker long-term pain relief even in chronic pain conditions. For anti-ageing effects, PEMF therapy is a great tool, more powerful than any nerve regeneration supplements. With long enough use, research shows that pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can provide life-changing recovery without any side effects or risk of infection. Although PEMF therapy is highly effective and safe, it is only now that awareness is building and institutions, doctors and the boomers are catching on to this novel regenerative tool.



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